Our Vision

Living in accordance with others and nature, in love and equality.

In our vision, humanity understands itself as a community. As a consequence everybody takes responsibility for themselves and the society. There is honesty in all words spoken and in the feelings expressed. There is justice and there is forgiveness. Society creates a space for joy of life. Human interaction with nature and each other is based on respect and the emotional knowledge that humanity and nature are an unity. We acknowledge that nature is life and present in everything.

Our vision is the base of our work. It defines the structure of our project and the aim of our activities. Its main values are equality, love, community, global thinking, openness, awareness, freedom and creativity, which guide us in our decision taking and reflection processes in Youth on the World, as well as in our personal lives.
The main influence on the structure, is that we work in a participatory way. That means all members of the group are equal and decisions are taken by reaching a consensus. Each member of the group has an equal possibility and responsibility to look out for the group, take part in YOW by speaking out opinions, bringing in ideas, doing organisational work and implementing projects.
In our regular meetings we reflect our way of working and once a month we workshop topics like diversity, nature, community, etc. Furthermore both groups (in Cameroon and Germany) visit each other to intensify their cooperation. Each person is part of the project as a whole person. That means that we also talk about and work on personal affairs.
Apart from starting by ourselves with implementing the values of our vision, we try to bring them into the world and make other people think about them. Thus we do by various public relations projects, that we organise in our regular meetings and via email. Because self-responsibility is part of our vision, fundraising is also part of our work.

Each member of YOW is so connected to the vision, that it is not only part of our work but also important to us in our personal lives. Everyone of us strives to live in accordance with others and nature, in love and equality.