Solidarity means to support a group or single persons. Showing solidarity can have many faces. After natural catastrophes people support with material, helping hands and money. People go on the streets and raise their voices to fight violations of human rights. During the corona pandemic people supported elders with their groceries, there were new concepts to support local stores and artists. People stand up for each other. People work everyday to inform the society about forms of discrimination and how fight it. And there are many examples more of small and big acts of solidarity which we can observe in our society.

An important part of solidarity is that is selfless. Solidarity is not solidarity if it is used as self-affirmation or for advertisement purpose. And our words of solidarity have to fit to our actions.

In contrary to solidarity there is discrimination, grieve and hate in the world. Wealth and privileges are not distributed equally. We know about it but do not change it because of power structures, ignorance or conveniences.

But we are all connected and we are social beings, we need each other. In my eyes solidarity is a crucial part of making our society work. How? Solidarity needs empathy and being open to see the situation of others. We need to be aware of our impact and that we have a voice and our actions influence our surrounding. In addition, solidarity needs dialogue, to exchange about perspectives and experiences, to sensitize each other and also about how we can support each other, since not every intention of support actually leads to support.

What do you think? Where do you experience solidarity and what can we do to strengthen solidarity? Write us about your thoughts