Community is defined as “people living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interest, social group or nationality” (Cambridge dictionary)

When I think of community, in addition, words like shared values, “we”-feeling and mutual support come into my mind. Some parts of the definition like social groups often share values or an “we”-feeling, but not necessarily. This brings me to the question, do shared values belong to the definition of a community? And how do I apply it to the concept of a world community?

The United Nation as a global organisation with 193 of our worlds states in it, promotes basic human rights as a shared value. When I look at our world with hate, discrimination and wars, I cannot say, that this really is a value shared and lived by all of us.

What if we are already a world community by the fact that we live in “one particular area”, the earth? In biology community is defined as “a group of animals or plants that live or grow together”. (Cambridge dictionary). Transferring this to world community, we are a community including all humans, animals and plants by the fact that we are living together on the earth.

When we leave out the humans of this picture, there is nothing like values in the nature, it is judge-free. It is us, the humans, who bring in the concept of value of life into the world community. Our life is worth more than of animals. My lifestyle is more important than the one of my neighbour. In my country the climate change hits less, so I care less.

But this brings me back to the point of shared values. With population growth, climate change, extinction of species and globalisation we can no longer ignore the interconnection in our ecosystem. We have to ask ourselves how to we face the global challenges. To me since we are all connected, a common sense that nature, different species, all humans are valuable as part of our ecosystem, is the only way we can face these challenges. So maybe common values are not part of the definition of a world community yet, but need to become.
What do you think?