Demands to society

 Dear Society,
 stop hating
 get rid of your arrogance
 give up your fear and envy
 listen and see the plenty!
 and start to trust
 that together we are stronger
 that loving we live longer
 that we all are connected
 that we hurt ourselves if we neglect it.
 that actually
 this is our only way out of our misery.

Sonja, Germany
Writing is a thing and knowledge is another thing
Who am I to judge someone
Who am I to claim someone attention
Who am i to punish
Who am I to abandone
I am here to give all I can for a better tomorrow
I am here to discover myself before discovering others.
I am here to share my experience and learn from others
I am here to put in some joy in everyone face
The society you build the society you live in
the world is round and everthing you do shall come back to you

Ange, Cameroon
 Hey there,
 Take a minute
 take a look
 To your left
 to your right
 what do you see?
 Do you see, how you want it to be?
 I want to live in solidarity
 not everyone on its own, 
 no me first and who stays alone, stays alone
 I want our actions be based on science
 not on electors opinions or for the sake of industry
 I want us to value what is important
 And do that not only with applause
 I want us to ask, what makes our lives livable
 What are the the values of our society
 And live and protect that
 What do you want?

Fiona, Germany
  Where am I ?
 Just see sorrow every where
 Who am I ?
 Just feel lonely in a big world
 I'm I the one to change so as to fit in the society or is it the society that is going crazy
 A world filled with violence, destruction, inequality and so many other flaws
 What really happened to this world?
 What really happened to we humans?
 My mind is filled with confusion as I dream about a world filled with love and harmony 
 Can that dream really come true?

G. Fred, Cameroon
What if
What if we had a world without pandemics, 
 illnesses, negligence, ego, selfishness, grid, 
 carelessness, lost pollution, manipulation 
 and unnecessary distinction.
 What if my demands became real
 What if we set the base
 Determine the pace and
 Change the phase  that has wrinkled our Faces!
 What if we could genuinely love
 React and produce better
 Communicate faster, relate best and appreciate More.
 What if there were no gaps between the rich and the poor in our societies
 What if life became less stressful
 What if our love became genuine
 And we shared one anothers difficulties
 What if ...

Linda, Cameroon
 The world as one
 We stand together
 We stand up for each other 
    Not alone 
 Don’t separate 
 Don’t judge 
 We need to navigate
 Nature guides us
 We are part of it,
 It’s part of us
 Living in balance
      With nature 
Sabrina, Sweden
"Take time to think, analyze, criticize. It is definitely time for you to wake up and speak out to make your voice heard."
Cyrille, Cameroon

Die Gedichte sind in einem Workshop zur Corona Pandemie entstanden, u.a gefördert aus Mitteln des KJP des BMFSFJ