Oh Nature

Oh Nature,
You are my mother,
but I went away and left you behind.
You are the fundament of my life forever,
and too often you are out of my mind.

Oh Nature,
like a baby I come to you when I cry.
You lead me back to myself,
make me feel again the essence of life.
I forget about you so fast, I don't know why.

Human created their own world,
tried to separate from you.
I live in this two worlds,
but I never can exist apart from you.
Somehow you are present everywhere.
I'm just not aware.

I try to reconnect to you when I remember.
Oh help me remember!
Remind me, that I'm a part of you.
Every secound of my life!
So I become aware of the bond that will never die.

- Sonja
at binational workshop on nature 2020 (during binational online-congress YOW)