I am nature

I am nature.
If you want to protect me,
help me to protect my nature.

I am life.
If you want me to live,
accept me in your community.

Do not look at my inequity,
but help me to build myself to feed in your community.
Iwant to know who your are.
Only this exchange of love and understanding will build our community.

Do not take too much from the nature.
Do not kill the nature of love in me.
We need to build, not destroy.

Listen to me:
No nature, no life, no life, no peace, no peace, no world, no world, no existence.
Without existence,
I am not there and you are not there.
No community.

So are you with me?
Are you with peace?
Are you with peace?
Are you with the nature?
Yes Yes Yes
Ok, lets build our world for a better future.

- Eveline
at binational workshop on nature 2020 (during binational online-congress YOW)