How I became feminist

I grew up with girls only so I never faced gender discrimination in my childhood. Never felt I was below a man because of my gender. Four years ago, I left my parents house for a students residency. There, I started to live with boys who all their lives experienced gender linked privileges and girls normalizing it.

One night, my neighbors and I were discussing all together. When I told them about my ambitions about my studies and my career, they replied that as a woman, I have to get married and have children before the age of 30 because from this age, I will start to fade and no man will want me anymore. The most choking for me this night is that when I asked one of them if as a man he considers himself superior than a woman he replied yes.

From this day, I realized that many men were convinced that their gender were giving them a superiority comparatively to a woman. I realized that the society were putting men on top while pretending to protect fragile women.

So from this day, as they were pejoratively calling me a feminist, I decided to embrace this title because my ideas were clearly feminists.

This is not the day I became feminist but this is the day I realized I was feminist since so long.