Far away from the nature

I am a part of the nature, the nature is a part of me.

I am a tree,
a majestic tree,
stretching elegantly in a forest,
watching the greenery, the herbs,
enjoying those little caterpillars taking refuge into my branches.
I see these plants, they make me think of my leaves, my barks,
healing these wolves, tigers, leopards, lions
and their friends of the forest
whenever they are sick.

I am a lion, a female lion,
I run,
I run on the herbs,
I feel powerful,
I feel like I own the nature.
But, can it be owned? Certainly not!
I am just a part of it, a glorious part of it.
Ooh, it is raining... I should better take refuge on a grotto.

I am the rain,
The holy liquid,
The water,
I am the essence of life,
I am their fuel,
They all need me and I am graciously playing my role.

Finally, what am I?
I whish all these were true but unfortunately not.
I am just a human.
A part of the nature that is observing it
from a high building that I made
in the detriment of what I belong to.
A human,
A part of nature, but far away from it.

- Lucy
at binational workshop on nature 2020 (during binational online-congress YOW)