You are here, somewhere

You are here, somewhere
I can not see you, but I know I can catch you

U take my family, my friends, my neighbors, far from me
U consume my precious time, that I will neither have to go to school again nor go out free

U make me
…suspicious at the market place
…paranoiac at home
…depressed in my mind

U stop my activities
U contaminate my people
U ruin the economy
And u worry even the biggest powers in the world……

But maybe it’s not just you
Maybe u are not responsible of all what’s happening
Maybe u are just here to let us see more clearly and behave more safely
Maybe it’s the people who sent you who caused all of this…

I have no proof, I am just thinking deeper about all I live,
since this March,
since this black March,
when the world came sick.

(Poem by Elsa)