Cameroon – Political affairs in April 2018

YOW Bafoussam on the current political situation in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions:

The situation in Cameroon is worst, worst and worst.
Firstly the Anglophone crisis is not yet finished but instead goes at an alarming rate. Apart of people who started this crisis in October 2016 I.e. some wanted federalism, and others wanted Decentralization, now we have a new group named “The Secessionists”.
These people continue with the crisis because the state(the president of the republic in particular)refused to have a clear and open dialogue with them in order to arrive to a clear compromise of the two parties. This group(secessionists) also have many revendications in common as the other groups.
The Secessionists decided that, since the state refuses to listen/dialogue with them, they decided to attack the local population and government representatives (the senior divisional officials, some regional government delegates,policemen and military men etc) of the two Anglophone regions (North west and South west regions.)
Most of the attacks are manifested in the south west region. Each week now in this region, there is an attack by the secessionists which always lead to the killing of some people and others are wounded. Concrete examples are: a teacher(a woman) was killed last Friday in her classroom while teaching because this day the secessionist group strengthened the teachers and pupils of this town (a small town near Kumba) not to teach but she didn’t respect. Some pupils of this school were wounded also.
Another example is that, last week in Lebialem division (S.W region) the whole envoy of the government and military cars were attacked by the secessionists when the governor was going to install the new divisional officer appointed by a presidential decree but no one was killed nor wounded.
Another example again is the secessionists in the beginning of this month attacked a whole village in the same region. They succeeded to chase away the whole population of this village. The population was forced to quit this village and went to settle in Mbanga (a city found in the littoral region) till now they are still there and most of them are afraid and refused to go back to their village even though the state assure them that they shouldn’t be afraid again because many milit art men were send there to settle peace.

An another important issue in Cameroon now concerns the Senate. Since last week all our 100 senators are know 70 senators were voted by municipal counsellors while 30 senators were appointed by the head of state as stipulated by the constitution. Each region is made up of 10 senators (7 voted and 3 appointed by the president).
The problem now is that, since Monday which was the opening day of the plenary session of the Senate, many senators complained that we should apply article 22(1) of the Senate code which talk of the non-accumulation of posts and incompatibility of some members “a senator should not accumulate more than one post I.e when you are a senator you can’t more be a minister, a director ,a chief etc. This matter raised because we noticed at the Senate that many senators were having more than one posts together. Some are even having 4 posts altogether which is not normal. So they gave to these senators up till 4th May to choose either become a senator or leave the post of senator and choose the other posts.
What makes me laugh is that among the 30 members appointed by the president, most of them accumulated more than two posts. It is jus a stupid game they are people.
Our main problem in Cameroon is that we (people who make decisions) refused to apply/respect the laws which they themselves wrote because for them they think Cameroon is an empire who belong only to some people (minors) and forget that Cameroon is not an empire but a democratic state and when you are choose to work, it is for the whole nation and not for your personal interest.
So I am waiting to see on the 4th May what will happen??

Another matter in Cameroon concerns an NGO called “MIDA” meaning in French “Mission Intergration de développement pour l’Afrique” in English is Integration Mission of development for Africa. This NGO was based in Yaounde (Ahala quarter).Since Tuesday of this week, the senior divisional officer of Yaounde 1 summoned this NGO to close because he says this NGO is undergoing illegal activities and it doesn’t have all his papers to function as an NGO.
The state accused this NGO of having embezzled many Cameroonians (more than 6000 Cameroonians) money with their illegal activities for instance to subscribe you give an amount of 12500frs.Their process was that you give for instance 1000frs and after one week you will have 65000frs, you give 2millions after one month you will have 20 millions etc so they make Cameroonians to believe that they can multiply the initial capital you give them. Many youths went there because of the high rate of unemployment and the difficulties presently in Cameroon.
The head of state asked this NGO to refund all the money they took from these Cameroonians. The police went there where their offices were found(at Ahala in Yaounde),they searched all the offices and found and amount of 3.5billions in liquid, they took this money and kept it in one bank in Yaounde.
The coordinator of this NGO(MIDA) declared that the money they were having in their offices was 12 billions and not 3.5 billions as the government said.
So now 9 billions is missing and we don’t know where the money went to? Investigation are going on.
The people who subscribed in this NGO are praying that the state or MIDA should reimburse their money.