Poems on Nature

On 3 March, YOW Bafoussam held a workshop on Nature, thinking about what we understand by “Nature”, what it means to us, how and why Nature is suffering and what we can do to protect it, to live in accordance with the world around us.
Below are some of the poems produced by the participants, sharing their thoughts with us:

From Ornela:
Sweet me
I purify your air
Me so green
I protect you from the sun
Of my natural perfume, I stimulate your senses
My leaves are full of prettiness
Soft and supple
My branches are shaped
I am a beauty of nature
So yes I can boast of being useful

From Angelica;
Oh nature,
Why disturbing your peace?
Mine why you’re not disturbing ours.
Why making you unhappy,
Just for our benefit and profit.
I know I need you as you also do;
I know I have to take care of you,
For you to help me in my realisations.
We should be conscious of the fact that,
You represent very much for the future generations.
And for that reason,
Our actions shouldn’t affect you negatively.
When I stand in front you,
I feel I am part of you
And me and you are just one.
A promise!
I will always care for your good when caring for mine.

From Marion
Nature a part of me, a reliable friend
You are the person with whom I talk the most
If only I could reach the sky I would have written your name using the stars to show the world how wonderful life is with a friend like you!
You are my anti duc!!!