The Stone

I have been here throughout the ages, a stone in the wild. I witnessed the coming and going of rain, sun and snow, the passing of days and nights, of winters, springs, summers and autumns, months and years and decades and centuries. I am the heart of this world, the foundation it is built on. I have seen the changes, the ends and beginnings, the recoveries. And there is something I want to tell you about.
Around me there were trees, which provided shelter and food for animals. They always visited me, climbed on my body. They were free to go to every part of my body. They climbed, they ran, cutting the fruit to eat, but they never thought of destroying anything What a good company they were. I appreciated them, moving around me – whispering the sound of life just like the river near me.
A place to be for all of us. The animal and the roots oft he trees got their water from the river. The fish, the flowers, the sand all contributed to the beauty of the forest. Nature was in good health.

Then came men. Cutting the trees, polluting the land and water, hunting, digging up the soil to look for minerals, one by one they made the beautiful things of nature disappear.
I have been here throughout the ages, a stone in the wild, surrounded by the bustling energy of life. I have seen storms and floods and fires; they came and went, destroyed and killed. But always, my dear friends had the strength to come back, to recover and to rejoice.
Now, however, things are different. Nobody comes to pick fruits from the trees around – they were cut down. Nobody climbs on me, tickling my old, old skin with their claws. No water runs by my side. I have no friends left. I am alone. I am weak despite my size and all my age.
I was the oldest, strongest in the forest. I am the foundation it was built on. Now, I am barren and cold, no bird sings, no leave moves, no trees grow. The humans came and plundered. Once they had taken everything, they left to go on elsewhere, leaving me here. A witness; a testimony. All alone where once there were so many.