Look at me.

Here I am. Look at me.

I am who I am – obviously – but who I am is not who I am supposed to be. I am different. I do not fit the stereotypes, the categories that were made for classifying people.

I am who I am – obviously – yet I am never judged for who I AM, but always for who I am NOT.
Do you see what that means? You try to fit me into one of your categories – one of our categories, I must say, for I am as guilty of this as you – but you do not see what fits the category, you focus on what does not.

I have dreams and fears and hopes, and so do you; but somehow, my dreaming and fearing and hoping is different from yours. Is it because the ideas in my head do not match the ideas of who I am that you get by looking at me?

You – I – We have our categories and stereotypes that are different, but still somewhat the same – similar enough for understanding what they mean, anyway.

It takes a look, not even a second, merely the blink of an eye to decide what we expect from one another, how we believe each other to be. But I am who I am – obviously – and that fits none of your ideas of who I am. You do not see me for who I am, but for who I am not.

I am a man and a woman, I have green and blue and grey eyes, I am a thinker and a doer, sensitive and rational; but most importantly, I am different. I am who I am – obviously – and that is what you need to see. I will never quite fit your categories, your stereotypes; just as you will never really fit mine.

But we are who we are, and that will never change. We are always SOMETHING, and THAT is what defines us – not what we are NOT.

See me for who I AM, and I will see you for who YOU are.

We are different – obviously – but we ALL are. In this, there is no difference. We all – ARE.