From Yaounde to Lome

I’m in Lome (TOGO) since about 6 months now.  And from Cameroon to Togo, i’m between two differents approachs of living but it’s good to notice that either we are from central, north, south or west Africa, we are still Africans sharing a history, a land and for most of the countries the same goals concerning developpment and differences made our diversity and our particularity. So, from Cameroon to Togo, the life is different not necessary totally but it’s different.
Similarities can be handle on historical and political ways. First, historically, Cameroon and Togo have been subject of the same colonisation schema (Before the 14-18 war they have been under Germany, and after the war they become french and british colonies). Togo gave the british part to Ghana and Cameroon preserve a part of his british part after a long process. The political similarity is directly linked to the colonial reason, they have all as legacy the french politic administrative organization.
After, the differences… They concern social, cultural and human ways.
First, Lome is totally different from Yaounde, nevertheless the fact that Lome is playing at the same time the role of the politic and econmic capital and Yaounde only the status of the politic capital, people in Lome seems to be really non-ambitious and it’s also bizarre because at 10pm there’s no more activities in the town. Plus that compare to Yaounde where the urban area is on the way to be really modern (some how reject the traditionnal values for modern ones) here in Lome a part from the administrative quarter and some resident area, the global aspect the town is still the traditional one (Two or three houses and a coumpound in the middle), most of the houses are there since about 30 years really old houses which are transmitted in generations with no modifications.
Culturally, Togolese are speaking Ewe(local language) and French. Here, Ewe is spoken everywhere (when i say everywhere it’s everywhere), in offices, in market, in school. For me it’s somehow very interesting to see this. But in Cameroon they are about 250 ethnic group for about 246 languages. In general it’s quite interesting to see how they are seeing the life here in Lome because in general the life is somehow linked to culture and people practising art are really earning their life. The situation for me is completely different in Cameroon, art and culture seems to be a not part of the urban area but mostly in rural area. From Yaounde to Lome climate is completely different, you are leaving an equatorial climate mood from a tropical sahelian climate really hot.
A part from this, other things really interesting is the spirit of solidarity and love people use to have here it’s the reason why the insecurity ill is very lower in Lome than in Cameroon.
But in general either you are in Lome or in Yaounde, you are still in Africa, a land of beautiful landscape with mountains, rivers, amazing historical and cultural sites. At the same time the land of joy,hospitality and love.
And wherever you are, the culture isn’t too far.
– by Joel