Vision of a Cameroonian Youth

As a Cameroonian youth, my vision is to see a future Cameroon where every one sees his or her errors, admid them and sees how she or he can remedy his fault. This is because if every one refuses to listen or accepts to be wrong when proven so, then there is no need for the government to use terms like democracy and freedom. Because these terms have been abused by their actions. Same like if citizens fail to do what is right, then there is no need for claiming rights.

As a Cameroonian youth, I deeply lament about the present fate of Cameroon. People know what is right but yet refuse to accept it. Many people follow pupular opinions or opinions that will be of benefit to them which is not so.

The laws are set by man and made to be abide by man. Nobody is above the law but when unlawful actions start taking place, then there is the tendency that personal interests enter. I really hope for a better Cameroonian society but what I know is that what is right can only be retarded but can never be stopped.

Justice will always prevail, and that is what I wish as a better future for Cameroon, where priorities are given to the opinion of everyone. – Moses