the anglophone “problem” – replies

Due to this anglophone problems, it is very unfortunate that it will penalise the whole country at all levels, especially on the educational level. If the manifestations continue, this school year will be declared a blanck year and all exams will be suspended, as declared by the UNESCO. I don’t think the main problem is from the governement, because measures where taken to settle down and solve the problem. If the gouvernement doesn’t take radical methods like sending the military in the southwest and north west part of the country to control the strikes, a civil war may result from the strikes. Also, before the gouvernement takes a decision he warns the population first, so every one is warned of the consequences. Personnally, i think the anglophone problem is only oriented to selfish reasons, because Cameroon is not only populated by anglophones and francophones. What about the muslims??? They never complain of thier situation whereas they are of a good majority in the country. They adapt themselves in all surroundings and are favorable for Peace. The anglophone problem don’t need to be, because the gouvernement is doing every possible thing to keep every party satisfied. – Dorice

Just to give my point o view as regards e strike in e anglophones regions in Cameroon, I will say e anglophones have some pertinent points or problems that needed to be solved by e government but my main problem is how the state solves a problem and how the strikers carry out their striking actions.
As regards the strikers (layers, teachers, doctors), their reasons are genuine but I differ with them where they implement some innocent francophones in it who reside in their regions. That is transfer aggression which isn’t correct. Moreover, I see anglophones fighting for their rights yes! But to a greater extend I instead see them working for the benefits of external parties. When u look at the leaders of the strike, they don’t have enough resources to sustain a strike that has last for 3 months and is still continuing. My problem here is who are those sponsoring the strike and what are their aims?
It has not been long when Boko Haram terrorist group were being weaken by CAM&NIGERIAN forces. Cameroon has been fighting this group as well as other west African countries like Nigeria for about 4yrs today (intensive). My problem still lies on who are those sponsoring this group and still what their aims? To me, some external sources are responsible for the promotion of certain vandalist actions in Africa and in Cameroon inclusively. They help to spark tension using the slightest opotuinity they have for surely aims that satisfy them most.
As regards e state, I will say two wrongs never make a right. U don’t punish demonstrators by inflating their towns with halots and rapist. Rather u are doing more harm than good. I won’t enphacise more on that because more has already been said as regards that and I really hope for a better corporation between our home government and the strikers. For the state maybe to acknowledge the problems posed to them by the anglophones and solving them peacefully doesn’t implies inferiority but maturity.
I hope for a truely better society, especially in Africa and the world.   – Moses