the anglophone “problem” – rejoinder

UNESCO  can’t declare a blank year in Cameroon or another country because they don’t have the legal capacity and power to declare a blank year in a country. A blank year can only be declare by a country itself i.e. Cameroon is the one to declare a blank year. On Thursday News on the national channel (CRTV), the representative of UNESCO in Cameroon affirmed it that they can’t declare a blank year. All what UNESCO can do is just not to recognize all certificates delivered in a country within a year which made 27 weeks without schooling.
I say again that the main problem is with the government and I’m against the radical methods the government is using to control the strikes or solve the problem,why are they running from the dialogue discussion? They discussed only two days with the consortium and they are tire,it is not normal for me. The consortium is against destruction of state properties by the strikers but instead encourage peaceful strike with no destruction of properties.
Do you know that presently the state is killing many youths in these Anglophone areas and hiding the corpses? There is a genocide going now in these regions that the state cut the network connection of internet because they don’t what the people from other parts to know what is going there now. I personally I got my information from friends present in these regions now. Is it fair/normal from the state to act like this on it population? I will answer NO.
How can you say the Anglophone problem is because of selfish interest, for me it isn’t, what they are doing is for the interest of all even us who are from francophone background, they are asking maybe for more Anglophone places in administrative concours, recruitment of more Anglophone teachers in ENS etc do you think that they are the only one that will benefit from it? No, Anglophones here are not only people originated from North West and South West regions but also people who school in the Anglophone sub system  like you, I and many others francophone origin. For your information do you know that nowadays in a class of 100 students, they are more than 70 students of francophone background and the rest is Anglophone background so once more, I’m not an Anglophone origin but what they are doing is not selfish interest but for the benefit of a better Cameroon in future, they just want to promote fairness and equality for all.
If Muslims or other tribes of Cameroon refuse to speak out their problems or complaint, it is not the fault of someone else or Anglophone but their own fault and it is because they are just pleased with the actual situation.
I agree with you that the government is doing everything to satisfy every part of the country but are all the parts equal? NO,you and I know that there is a big inequality between regions in Cameroon especially in terms of development. The regions that are well developed here are regions where the president come from (South region), region of senior officials and ministers (Centre and littoral). What about regions without a minister or one or two ministers only e.g the East see how they are underdeveloped and the  irony is that the East is the largest region in term of surface area and in term of natural resources like wood, gold, diamond, natural forest reserve etc coming from here. – Armand