talk on racism

… do we still have people or places in the world where this is pacticed?? Also, what can be e main ideology behind such an act?

From what people say about somebody or from what the person says about himself, u can know if the person is a racist or not. To Donald Trump, U.S.A should be a nation of only whites. From his insinuation, we can say that the main ideology behind racism is that humans can be divided into distinct groups according to their social behaviours and innate capacities which can be inferior or superior.

Several people think racism is practice by whites but blacks aren’t exempted as well.

But is racism really about colour? Or does the term racism falls under any particular definition or action??

I ask some one just o recent about his point of view on racism. He said racism is more about colour discrimination. He also went as far as telling me that e Chinese do practice it strongly especially against the black race.

What can we really say about this’? Is it really a misconception? How do u feel if u hate ur brother who has the same background as u do but different colours if what said about the Chinese was really true?

But if racism is all about infiriorism which is related to ethnicity, then it implies that there is  no difference between ethnic and racial discrimination. Do we agree? To me racism and ethnicity are considered to be separated in contemporary social science but have been found equivalent in daily usage.

Also,we were contapulating on whether racism is linked to slavery or not. We really need ur points of views on this so as to broaden our knowledge and together to gain leaning experiences that will enable us “MAKE A BETER WORLD” which is our vision. – Moses

I think “racism” means to believe, that humans can be distinguished in different races (like e.g. dog races). That implies that a race can be true or mixed and everything depends on the bloodline. In the end racist people say, that human beings have certain characteristics because of their “race”, that can be recognized by their outer experience, e.g. their skin color and it always implies that one group (one race) of people is superior or inferior.

Due to this definition everybody can be racist, because it is a way of looking at human beings that can be practiced by everybody.

For me the connection between racism and slavery is only seen partly in the history. I would say, that the slavery of African people was connected to racism, because it was based on the believe, that the blacks are inferior or they not even considered as people. In contrary the slavery of the Greek was not connected to people with a certain outer appearance. Anybody could become a slave, if his or her city was conquered by the neighboring army or even a person was just captured on the streets. Slavery was generally accepted and not depend on the believe that there is a certain race, that can be enslaved. – Sonja

… from the experience of my senior sister, i can say that the thought that the africans are inferior and can be dominatedis still beleived some white people (europeans) still look at the black (africans) as animals and really do thier posible to make them feel uncomfortable and i can say treat them as slaves. My sister was attending school in tunisia she was first of all given the name kiri kiri and abandon to any place were she decided to sit. This is really frustrating and she was the only blake in the whole school. They are africans tunisia is part of africa but just for the fact that they do not have a black skin they say they are no africans and that africans are too primitive.

In conclusion i can say that racism still exist and that mostly in the european zone because here in africa they are really appreciated and some love them at a point of bleaching thier skin abondoning thier tradition and all this just to resemble the white who dont even look at them like human beings but as animals… – Marion

Is it also racism if  non-white people idolize white people?
Racism means to me that you judge, think about and treat a person differently because of their outer appearance/their race. So, if non-white people think well about and idolize white people only becasue they are white then that is also an act of racism. I always feel very weird and injustly treated when that happens to me. Often people outside of Europe say that everything is perfect and life is easy in Europe. I don´t feel treated as a whole person with thoughts and problems when that happens.
I think that all humans are the same in the end. We all have things we struggle with. We all have things we like to do. We are all humans.
We should work towards a world where that is seen and every human being is treated equally. One thing that is inequal at the moment are visa requirements. As a German I dont have to apply beforehand for a visa for South American countries. The visa for Cameroon was easy to get. I imagine that it is completely different for Cameroonians. For example, Argentina does not even have an embassy in Cameroon.
I hope that one day the skin colour will not matter anymore and humans are looked on as humans and whole persons…  – Paula K

… I can deduce from it that most Africans still consider that whites do still practice racism  against them. Concretely to me is a matter o ideology., which must not be true.If u regard your self as being inferior and regarding some one else as being superior, it is automatic that u feel firstly that e person has control over u n has a greater say in matters than u do, n from there lastly u can conclude that e person under looks u n so is…

A racist,without actually knowing what e person thinks or says about you.I think to a greater extend racism is greatly linked to “SELF LIMITATION”! – Moses

… on my parth , racism can be manifested in many aspect of social life like in practices , political system ( i.e Apartheid ) and social actions ( i.e segregation,hierarchical ranking ,supremacism etc ) . it can be done by every one and not only between blacks and  white race. but i think both blacks and even  whites do practice it between them selves and have a sense of hatred toward each other.
Racism is mostly about colour differentiation . when discussing with a friend on the racism i was really supprised she told me that ” they  whites are the supirior race and the other races mistakes from GOD”. when hearing such, i was not okay with that and i contradicted in saying that “they other races are not being determind in what they do and keep up not taking initiatives which makes them feel infirior and to be dominated .

Racism is one of the social ill since history which is still practiced in the world which brings about discrimination and ill treatment of other races like Apartheid which was a racial segregation in South Africa where the blacks were paid very low wages , mine jobs and apartness between whites and blacks . it is no more practiced and  know considered as history   . but racism still exist and it is been practiced underground in the world societies and the extimated  percentage of racism  has decrease for about 80% .

The concept of race and ethnicity, i consider it to be separated . “ethnicity” is often used in a sense close to one traditional attribute to race and while “race” is often used to described racial discrimination on an ethnic  or cultural basis – Brenda

… the question over all is: are there races at all? or is this already a construction? I mean human are like dogs, horses – so withe are e.g. dogs, blacks horses, chinese cats etc.? because this would be race…
so if one talks about races (concerninng humans), is it already somehow racism? because based on the idea that there are human races?
if we look on mankind, we can constate that the beginning was in africa, the news experiences show that there were parts of “humanoids” that survived (others not), because they treated somehow broken bones etc., so obviously because they were helping/ caring for each other.
for what u say, yes, to be sure – but the question is: why is there racism and why is it growing? what profits someone of racism?
there is a structural racism as u tell e.g. about south africa (means in the structure of state etc.), and there is personal/ individual racism (e.g. I have a friend that is white/ black etc. but I don´t like the others whites/ blacks because they are and then comes a stereotype…)

if I look here in germany, for exemple the pegida movement that is against refugees, I would say one reason is to find someone guilty for the internal/ their own social problems; and this made guilty has no chance to defend himself, so the critics (which are partly right, because there IS injsutice and unequality, has the wrong adress! that people here are poor is not the mistake of refugees, but the mistake of the government and society and existed long before the refugees coming) – i´m quite happy that there is now starting a discussion about equality (of weight, of women, of older people) in Germany – but I fear it is said and that was it, no consequence.
…if i look on terrorists against other people then their believe it is obviously because they never felt seen when they were young and never lived/got empathy – so all in all a reaction because of feeling minor /complexe of minority. and then u turn and play the major (and kill).

where comes hate from, and what is the profit of hate?
for racism it is proven that two “methods” of hate are: invisibility (not seeing them) and “demonisation” (making them bad so that u need to protect/fight urself against it) .
what about our own hidden racism or prejudges or stereotypes? are we ready to be open and check them and reflect ourselves? or as u did say no if someone tells racist things? but in the end u could have said (to not enter in the concept of races and thus agreeing to it): there are no races, and if there is a god, why should he make mistakes? OR?

the difference between discrimination and racism is that racism ís based on a (constructed!) concept of race, whereas discrimination can be based on everything (women/ men; young/ old, or even à la mode/ not à la mode, religion etc.) – but it is not less heavy… it seperates and classifies human people….

yes, i think the idea of self limitation is very interesting and fitting to complexe of minority. actually the same reason why we go into hierarchy (if being up or being down – we want to be higher because otherwise we don´t feel ourself, or we put ourselfs lower because we are limited). so all in all a question of “having feeling of oneself” first.  to really know ourselves, our emotions, our structure of thinking, to question it (always question it! I think it is the only way out: critical self reflection) and to free ourseleves of our own-set limits.
what can we do to get there? working on emotion (poems, theatre, free writing, singing, music, each kind of art for exemple), having groups where we can speak freely, and where we get true and honest feedback, taking time for self reflection and not just functioning. creating spaces of joy and feeling bound and accepted and with free expression….

if everyone really feels him/ herself, would then be there racism? or just the consideration of the richness of diversity and of being different (everyone)?
in other words: only if we love ourselves we can love others. to love ourselves is work (if not done in the narcistic and thus “played” way,) as we are all born in selflimiting societies and with conditions how we see us, how we see others. a parent who says “u are not able” can hinder us for years…till we develop our free being.
to give ourselves love in the sens of appreciate ourselves also with all “mistakes”,  is a daily – and good – exercise – but we need to feel it as well and not just say it. and we need to take consequences, so to always try to understand ourselves a bit more and try to do/ feel/ think some things differently next time, otherwise we are stuck in a box – life long learning! growing towards ourselves, our real self. what a great adeventure! – Anna

… As concerns the fact that a Cameroonian is a mayor in one o e German villages simply implies that e concept o inferiority can be dominated upon by those who r optimistic, have a vision n dream and equally think in positive directions. Just to say let us never under look our innate capacities.”EVERY ONE CAN” if he or she is willing n determine to make a difference.

But that not withstanding, every one can hardly think the same n so racism is an aspect that will hardly be  eradicated from the world and I can say it shall always be practice by 2_categories o persons.

–  Those that feel superior than others., but still find some people who still do things they can’t  do,then they say”However,I’m still better o some people” n so they first admit that some people are better off than they do n others will never be like them thus they under look those who don’t have thesame standard as them.I.e practice a sort o neutral racism..

-The second,I will say firstly those that have accepted that they r e least, have refuse to learn or make a change, pessimistic in thoughts and so they think they’ll never be like those they have considered n regarded to be at e top.thus they have place people at higher levels to adour,admire n worship .and even give the permission to those e see “HIGHER”To dominate on them thus can be said to be e real initiators o racism but turn to be e first to cry or complain it effects on them.

A Cameroonian mayor in Germany doesn’t imply racism will stop but simply is a prove for those who limit their innate capacities to seat up and also make a difference.To me, e best manager n adviser to a person is e person itself. So u must start firstly by working n thinking as if every thing depended on u in a positive direction n not on others thus we however need one another.  – Moses

I agree, especially to ur reflections on being higher or minor…
and yes, I think as brandon said, racism CAN be eridicated (for the moment here it is growing, scaring really! bu: at the same hand the cameroonian mayor was elected – recist people are oftn loud, others who want soemthing else are more quiet) – but eradicating this means a lot of “inner” work (working on the own complexe of minority, getting there that everybody is diffeent AND equal and that exactly this is enriching. as long as we compare ourselves to others by making us smaller or bigger, better or worse, we can´t develop our real true being…. this is a way to go, because we don´t learn this in our society or capitalism… but we can do it! we are able as human beings. I think: nature helps a lot… she has a different “resonance”…and binding us to her helps to get into an other conception of our selves and world.

and how behave against racists, how acting, what saying – without getting into the same “trap” – aggression?
for the moment I have the impression that the world is close to explose, also in daily life, so much aggression – we need to train our heart, our peace in heart, which doesn´t mean at all to say nothing.., how to help people not reflecting themselves to reflect them without playing the same game of polarising? how to make to understand that if we continue like this we abolish our selves AND the nature and the world? the more important as often they “rule…? – Anna

Racism is the act of maltrity some members of another country due to the colours in different domains of life. For me i think racism has been a problem in the world. But it has reduce as we find many Africans being  presidents in European countries.
I think the world has change in every domain of life lets llok at Barack Obama at the footballers and Basketball players in e world Africans are involved.
On the other hand many human beings are maltreated in the world due to their colour. In some countries black people are not allowed to enter public services there by rendering them jobless for life some can even become reckless and even thieves…. – Linda