The project Youth on the World changed after more than 18 years with many encounters, workshops, activities and participants. The blog stays online with the project activities and blog posts from the last years.

The Cameronian group continues with its local groupwork, (public) workshops and activities. They organized a national festival in 2022. The German participants continue with supervision and training.

Vepik is no longer the supporting association of the project, though continues with supporting and supervising the project work.

Who are we?


Youth on the world (short: YOW) was founded in 2006 by Anna Schmitt, chair of the NGO vepik e.V., as an exchange project between youth from Bremen in Germany and Bafoussam in Cameroon, Central Africa, working continuously since then. During 10 years of YOW, the project reached more than 1.200 youths in both countries through workshops, mutual journeys and festivals, and produced books, movies and exhibitions.

What do we work on: YOW is especially active in development and education politics. We strive for global justice, encounter on eye-level, appreciation and confraternity.

How do we work: YOW works in a participatory way, meaning that everyone has a say and is equally responsible for his/her actions and group activities. We believe that true understanding and personal progress requires a look on topics and ourselves in their/our entirety, that’s why we work with creative methods. To implement the various projects YOW Bafoussam meets twice a week, YOW Bremen fortnightly and organizes itself via email and both groups take part in monthly workshops. A list of our realized projects can be found here.

YOW and its members are driven by their vision: Living in accordance with others and nature, in love and equality.

Members of YOW Bremen created this blog as one way to publish their work and the work of their partners in Bafoussam/Cameroon. The aim of this blog is to inspire and get in touch with people outside of YOW.

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